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I’m Lauren Turner

Clinical Therapist, LCSW | Sport & Performance Coaching


Find Higher Purpose in Performance

The Turner Practice is a Los Angeles based culturally sensitive therapeutic and consulting practice that helps Black and other underrepresented Professional Athletes find a higher purpose in their peak performance by helping them overcome self doubt and calm their performance-related anxiety.

We specialize in athletic based alternative modalities.

New Clients

If we’ve never worked together, you can click below, take a brief survey & potentially book a complimentary 20 minute discovery call. 

Returning Clients

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The Turner Practice Info


Areas of Expertise

I have a wide range of experiences & training. I specialize in Sports, Professional & Performance coaching for college age athletes & Adults and some of my therapeutic areas of focus are:

  • Therapy for Depression and Anxiety
  • Sports Performance
  • Sports Injury
  • Sport Psychology Counseling
  • Coach Clinics
  • LGBTQIA2+ identity & transition
  • Mindfulness
  • Trauma
  • Racial Trauma Informed

I have thousands of hours of experience working with the LBTQIA2+ community in underserved communities in Los Angeles. I want to bring those years of experience and compassion to The Turner Practice to help members of these communities find hope and healing at the elite athletic level.

    What is Therapy?

    At The Turner Practice we focus on behavioral health and mindfulness. It is a professional therapeutic relationship that allows the client to improve to take control of both their lives and their performance. 

    What is Therapy Like With The Turner Practice?🏅

    If you are a new patient you will fill out a brief questionnaire to find out the best way for us to work together. If what you need is aligned with what I offer, I will e-mail a link to a site where you will be able to securely schedule a 20 minute complimentary discovery call. Our initial sessions will be also be secure & virtual. Alternative modalities are typically introduced in later sessions.

    Therapeutic Approaches

    My client experience is built around a feeling of safety, transparency, and cultural appreciation. With increased confidence and support, my clients go on to experience healthier relationships, more meaningful careers, and higher purpose in their athletic performances. I am also open to unique modalities of therapy such as yoga, walking, etc.

    What is Performance Psychology? How Can It Help Athletes?

    Every one of us is a performer. Every day we all set out to do our best work and a few of us are pushing ourselves to achieve a higher & significant level of excellence. My role as a counselor & performance coach begins with helping individuals establish and maintain optimal output, develop high levels of mastery, and avoid falling into the toxic pattern of perfectionism. If your livelihood depend on mental toughness, and the ability to persevere in high stakes situations, consider performance psychology.

    Evidence Based Trainings & Certifications

    Crisis Oriented Recovery Services (CORS)

    Intimate Partner Violence

    Motivational Interviewing

    Solution Focused Therapy

    Problem Solving Therapy

    Current Fees

    Current Fees are $250-$500 and I currently do not accept insurance but I am happy to provide you with a super bill to submit to your carrier.

    About Me

    I am a Black woman (she/her/hers) identified licensed clinical therapist based in Inglewood, Southern California who specializes in working with Athletes of color looking to enhance performance but feel overwhelmed by mental health issues getting in the way. I help you to learn how to listen to your body, instincts and better understand how to manage symptoms related to anxiety and depression in sports that will help improve performance and confidence over time.

    I graduated from University of Southern California, Masters in Social Work and I also graduated from the University of Texas of the Permian Basin with a B.A. in English. I worked for Los Angeles County for over a decade, I have also worked at a Tier 1 collegiate institution as a Staff Therapist. I currently enjoy marathon training & running, raising three Black beautiful boys, and doing the full Mrs. Turner thing with my husband in the streets of L.A.🌴🌴🌴

    Accepting New Patients

    Accepts Online Payments

    Sessions conducted on a secure virtual platform or phone

    Not Currently Accepting Insurance

    The Athlete’s Guide to Mindfulness

    An Adult Playbook

    A unique and practical resource for adult athletes looking to tap into their inner child in a healthy way after years of competition and focus. Written by an athletic specialist & Clinical Therapist, this book offers a range of mindfulness exercises and strategies specifically designed for athletes, helping you cultivate greater focus, balance, and well-being on and off the field. Whether you’re dealing with burnout, stress, or any other challenges, “The Athlete’s Guide to Mindfulness – An Adult Playbook” has the tools you need to find balance, clarity, and joy in your athletic pursuits.

    Resources for Mental Wellness

    I have curated a list of available resources for mental wellness that my clients have found useful.

    Free Resources on Social

    Hey Boo! Podcast

    New Episodes coming soon, but in the meantime check out some healing & hilarious conversations about play, body positivity, & loss.