Juneteenth Guided Imagery for Relaxation and Anxiety Relief
June 19, 2024

Happy Juneteenth! 

Follow this guided meditation as we enter into summer and we get a chance to connect with others.  While we love sports, we also enjoy spending time together and connecting in community.  

Close your eyes and begin to settle into your seat. Focus on the expansion of your chest with each breath. As you breathe in and out, allow your mind to transport to a place where you feel safe and loved. Imagine a summer cookout or family reunion.

Feel Imagine the warmth of the sun against your skin on a hot summer day. Feel the sensation of sweat beads, and notice if the heat is dry or humid. Consider your outfit—does it keep you cool or make you feel warmer?

Smell Take a deep breath in through your nose. Imagine the aromas of the cookout—freshly cut grass, earthy dirt, sizzling meat on the grill, and the lingering scent of White Diamonds perfume after hugging Aunties.

Hear Use your imagination to hear the sounds of the cookout. Listen to the clatter of dominoes on the table, the laughter and shouts of Uncles, the joyful squeals and giggles of children playing, and the smooth bass of 1980s Luther Vandross playing softly in the background.

Taste Can you taste the flavors of homemade potato salad, tangy barbecue sauce on grilled meat, sweet tea with lemon, and the refreshing chill of ice cubes cooling you down?

See Visualize your family gathered around—smiling faces, matching t-shirts, dancing to the rhythm of the wobble, playing games, and creating a vibrant tapestry of love and togetherness.

Now, open your eyes and return to the present moment. Take three deep breaths to ground yourself and release your imagination.

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