Advancing Mental Health: Updates from The Turner Practice and Insights from the Black Student Athlete Summit
June 15, 2024

Hi everyone, Thanks for coming back to check out this blog. Today will be updates on things happening here at The Turner Practice this past month.

I have been continuing to run my private practice and started my final class in the Sport Psychology Certificate program I started last year. I still have one additional class to complete my CMPC coursework to sit for the board exams. I have been exploring how to increase clients in my practice and continue to sell my book, “The Athlete’s Guide to Mindfulness: An Adult Playbook” while continuing to write consistently and complete my work for these courses. I provide clinical services but have also recently presented three topics at the Black Student Athlete Summit in May 2024. The topics included: “Merfolk Hope: Creating Black Hope by Healing through Aquatics”, “Mindful Exploration: Nurturing Sexual Health and Mental Well-Being among College Athletes” and “The Uncomfortable Conversation of Suicide in Sports”. The final topic around Suicide in Sports is incredibly important and I was able to present with two of my esteemed colleagues, Dr. Ja’Quinda Jackson and Brandy Gresham, LPCC paired with Monique A. J. Smith, a podcast host & woman leader in sports moderating it to create ease in the room.

Suicide is such a challenging topic to sit with. Yet, it is something that is now the Number Two cause of death among collegiate athletes. After accidents, this is the leading cause of death in this age group, which is higher than the national average but still includes the deaths by suicide in comparison to others in high performance University environments. The list of reasons for feeling stressed around losing confidence, needing to perform at a high level, increased social media use and less connections, including feelings of isolation from the rest of campus.
The other two topics were solo presentations that I conducted in 15 minute format, which is so fast to share a wealth of knowledge. However, I have gained my research for the Merfolk Hope portion as a part of an experiential swim class I have been teaching through the use of Mindfulness and have been helping Black and Brown athletes overcome fear in aquatics using techniques from my book. The other topic is closely related to the need for healthy sexual relationships in the collegiate level of sports from a mental health perspective. The amazing thing about it is that I was the roundabout to the end on two discussions around sexual violence prevention. Listening to the presenters offered fresh perspectives and new opportunities for the student athletes present and gave a thorough immersion in a Black cultural experience, which so many athletes need.
Presenting has become a passion of mine. Education is one of the best ways to normalize mental health and reach the masses, almost more than social media to some degree. While having a social media presence is important, it does not allow the energy around one’s beliefs to maintain the authenticism around the relationship in the interactive experience. I know some may disagree with this idea, however, it is important to be able to answer people’s questions in the moment and allow clarity to happen around complex topics.

I plan to do more speaking engagements in the time of my practice and learning more about these topics helps in addition to continuing the science around mental health and Human Behavior.

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