Lauren Turner LCSW

Hi, my name is Lauren Turner, licensed clinical social worker and founder of The Turner Practice serving clients virtually from the city of Inglewood, California.  I also have another office in downtown Inglewood near the So-Fi stadium where I work with people at all levels of performance, but my specialty is helping first and second year professional athletes transition into the professionalism of the sport while also learning how to trust their instincts and how to be able to find their purpose both in and out of athletics.

I have been a practicing counselor for ten years and have over 10,000 hours of clinical experience.

Some of my favorite things to talk about are healthy relationship dynamics, how to trust your instincts, and daily practices that create strong communication skills. I also help my clients understand the mindsets that create the relationships that they want, and find their purpose in life in and out of sports. I hope that this helps you to be able to understand a little bit more about me as a therapist.

Please fill out the The Turner Practice new patient questionnaire so that we can find out if we’re going to be a good fit to work together and I can find out more about how I can help you. Hope to see you in session!

"In order for sport psychology to address women and girl athletes` mental health, especially for those athletes with other compounding factors, such as race or socioeconomic status, it is crucial that these women and girls see more practitioners and health care providers similar to them."

Masumi Iida

"One of the important things that coaches, teams, parents can do immediately for women and girls in sport is to acknowledge inequality, sexism, racism, and classism and how these work together to structure the sport field."

Masumi Iida & Scott Brooks

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